“Carry On”

Heh. My friend told me an anecdote about what happened to him last
night. The time was 2 am, and there he was, making out with his
girlfriend in her car at the abandoned old Sibu airport opposite the
Stadium. That is one of the three most popular make out spots in Sibu.
The other two are Bukit Aup and the Stadium carpark. Anyway, the thing
that happened was: In the middle of their make out session, his
girlfriend noticed someone or something outside the car. The scenario
at this point: He was kissing and hugging his girlfriend, with both the
front car seats down and he was on top of her. I don’t know why he felt
compelled to provide me with all these details, but oh well. Anyway,
his girlfriend stopped suddenly and said there was someone outside the
car and he/she has been there for quite a while. My friend and his
girlfriend then sat up and immediately, the guy outside shined a
flashlight into the car and motioned for them to roll down the windows.
The guy outside didn’t introduce himself and just asked my friend for
hic I.C. (Identity Card – everyone in Malaysia has one).

My friend asked the guy outside whether he was a policeman and asked
to see some ID coz he didn’t look like a policeman with a casual jacket
and no uniform. The guy outside replied with “tengok kereta itu” which
translates to “look at the car behind you”. Sure enough, there was a
authentic police car there, sirens and yellow stripes and big white
POLIS fonts stenciled to both sides. Anyway, my friend produced his
I.C. and the policeman squinted at it for a while and asked for his
girlfriend’s I.C. The policeman squinted at it for another second and
passed both the I.C.s back and said “Carry On”. Hahaha! I laughed
myself to tears when he told me that story. I would have thought that
it would violate some law to make out in a parked car at an abandoned
airport. Disturbing the peace or something, but apparently there is no
such law in Malaysia. It’s funny that the police car sneaked up upon
them without him realizing. Apparently, policemen frequent these spots
coz he said he saw the same police car pulling in again as they left
soon afterwards. Oh man. The funniest thing was what he said the
policeman had said – “Carry On” (in English no less!). Heh. I’m still
laughing as I type this…it soooo funny for some reason. Carry on
indeed. LOL.

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