My tattoos

For Likki []:


This is the one on the right wrist. Just a plain barb wire design I
did back in 1997 in Christchurch. Did it on a whim while passing by a
tattoo place. I’m just impulsive like that. The tattoo artist forced me
to give it a 2 hour cooling off period to consider it. He actually said
24 hours coz I was just 16 then. Heh. Managed to convince him that I’ve
given it serious thought after 2 hours. Didn’t regret it, however I had
to wear a bandage around it during Form 5 in Malaysia because of school
rules. A running joke was that I was so accident prone my left wrist
was always fractured. πŸ™‚


This is the one on the left, done in 2000 in Melbourne. It’s between
the wrist and elbow and reads “Louisa Lee”, my girlfriend’s name. The
tattoo artist also asked me to seriously reconsider this as she has met
plenty of people who did tattoos of their girlfriends/boyfriends and
came back a couple of months later after they have broken up to do a
cover up tattoo. I was forced to give it a 2 hour waiting period before
she would do it. I was with two other people so we just went to Burger
King and talked. One of my friends wanted to do one of her boyfriend’s
name too, but she was underage. It’s 18 for tattoos here. It’s done in
gothic font and the inside of the hollow fonts are purple bleeding into
a white center. The color doesn’t really come out on the digicam. I
actually have before and after photos of this taken, but they’re back
in my home in Malaysia. Those are intriguing, if you like to see blood.
πŸ˜‰ I never regretted this either, and I’m still with my girlfriend.

Mine are currently pretty standard stuff but I want to do a big
piece on my back with a large crucifix and Jesus with his thorn of
crowns and wounds and everything. The cross will have INRI on it and
below I’ll have “Leading the wild into the ways of the man”.
Unfortunately, my father threatens to disown me after I bounced the
idea off him. πŸ™‚

Another one I wanted to do is a large dragon (not ah beng style)
starting from my right thigh and winding around my body and the head
comes up above my right shoulder and it’s breathing fire and there’s a
scene of hell on my chest and stomach and they’ll be little flying imps
trying to put the fires out with buckets of water. One of the fires
will be engulfing my left chest around my nipple. There will be another
wall of fire on my stomach to border the scene from hell. I thought
that would go well with the crucifix on the back. Oh well, that’s what
I’ll like to have someday. Just need to convince a couple of people
that this is a good idea. πŸ˜‰

I’m not quite sober now, and I strongly suspect I’ll regret making this post tomorrow.

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