Scotch Tape

Me and Adrian went to get some groceries at Bi Lo and also went to get take away at McDonalds.
There was this incident that struck me as really funny. I was paying for my Quarter Pounder meal
using EFTPOS. I tried swiping the card through the reader but it just won’t read my card. After
having no luck after the fourth try, the cashier got the shift manager to come over. The shift
manager apologized and informed me that the reader is quite sensitive. She then got – get
two rolls of scotch tape out of her pocket, used one of them to tape the
magnetic strip of my EFTPOS card and bit the end off with her teeth. And sure enough, on the next
try, the scanner did read my card perfectly. Hah! The shift manager even had the forethought to
have 2 rolls of scotch tape in her pocket just for this. I wish I had my digicam already. The fact
that the shift manager had TWO rolls of scotch tape in her pocket cracked me up. The funny part is
the shift manager trying to get the EFTPOS card to read on the scanner with that scotch tape.
Hilarious. Or maybe I’m just easily amused. =D

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