Lighting Reaction XTREME – This time it’s serious, only the fastest finger is safe!

lightning reaction xtreme

Lighting Reaction XTREME is the “Latest, greatest shock product” and comes with wonderfully hyperbolic taglines like Dueling for the 21st Century
and my personal favorite “red to green, get ready to scream”. Lightning
Reaction is basically a reflex based drinking game with an electric
shock delivered to the slower (or more intoxicated) players.

lightning reaction xtreme game

The Lightning Reaction XTREME contraption can accommodate up to four
(4) players with a minimum of two (2) players. It looks fairly benign
but with fresh batteries, it can deliver a rather pleasant shock. It
won’t kill you, and some of the more sado masochistic ones amongst us
just shock ourselves for fun. It seriously feels good – especially when
you hold more than one of the handles and let it shock you (it kinda
“sticks” to you while the electric shock is delivered, much like how a
real shock “grips” you).

lightning reaction xtreme start

Lightning Reaction XTREME has cords extending out to four handles
with a grip and a red “trigger” on each one. There are two variations
of the game – Lightning Reaction and Lightning Reaction XTREME.
The huge button in the middle is depressed to start the game and it
starts flashing red for a random number of seconds before turning
green. The fastest person to press the trigger on their respective
handles wins in Lightning Reaction XTREME and all the others gets a
shock (and has to drink) while only the slowest player to react gets
shocked and has to drink in Lightning Reaction Regular Mode.

There’s no way to cheat coz pressing the trigger prematurely (before
the flashing red light with accompanying sound effects turns green) is
a foul and that person gets shocked and has to drink.

It’s a great drinking game!

lighting game

Download: Lightning Reaction XTREME []

The movie shows Cherie, Huai Bin (me), Shin and Hope playing the game with Jimmy bringing beer and stout for the drinking game. You just gotta love the horror movie suspense sound effects…

Lightning Reaction – If you snooze you looze!

Happy New Year 2006 everyone! Party hard and party safe!


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