The Style by Toyota

the style by toyota

The Style by Toyota is a huge café cum concept store located at Siam Square in Bangkok. We saw the illuminating lights changing colors on the imposing glass enclosed building and wanted to check it out but it was closed.

toyota the style

I went the next day with my gf to The Style by Toyota and I must admit, it certainly impressed me like no other concept store…it’s gotta be the best place to hang out in Bangkok. The Style by Toyota is sponsored by Toyota and it’s not just about cars but more of an art establishment.

toyota counter

There are Thai girls manning the counter with a friendly “Sawadee!” and I got them to pose for a photo. The place is very chill and the ambience exudes friendliness.

toyota concept car

The first thing you see in this art cum concept store facility is a working concept car by Toyota as the main display. There is a cordon around it…

toyota photo op

….but it’s a great photo op nevertheless.

toyota coffee

The Style by Toyota has a coffee and juice bar at the ground floor of the three floor structure. There are LCD and plasma screens practically everywhere displaying Toyota ads.

toyota merchandise

There is also merchandise on display…

toyota event

…and we realized that there was an anime fest going on in there coz some people were in costume.

toyota cosplay girls

I got some of the girls to pose for me.

toyota cosplay girl

Cosplay is fun.

toyota seating

The seating arrangements at The Style by Toyota range from the comfortable but futuristic…

toyota seating view

…to the more esoteric ones that look out of the glass building for a great view of Bangkok.

toyota seating art

The entire design of the place just screams “Art” and it gave me a really uncomfortable urge to smash something. 😉

toyota seating stairs

There are seating arrangements right on the staircase for two…

toyota seating pc

…and single seats in front of an interactive Toyota flat screen monitor.

toyota balls

There are even balls of fluffy cushions to sit on while you browse through architecture books if you’re so inclined.

toyota books

The bookshelves that lines The Style by Toyota is not limited to books about visual art but also music (though strangely, nothing about cars).

toyota pc

I got my coffee and sat at one of the touch screen interactive Toyota LCD monitors. There are games (one of which I played to the point of obsession with my gf to see who has a better score)…

toyota pc order

…and even a touch screen ordering system that allows you to order a coffee straight from where you’re seating instead of going downstairs.

toyota drink

I tried it. It works.

toyota end

The Style by Toyota is a must visit if you’re ever in Bangkok. It is a concept store unlike any other out there.


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