Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be taken seriously.
It’s a brainstorming session about fictitious events which is meant for
a manga (graphic novel) plot. It’s not to be interpreted as an
intension to commit any illegal activity.

Edit: The Manga’s first draft is here []!

Daylight saving time is ending!

Woo hoo, we gain an hour today, fellow Victorians! πŸ™‚ Set your clocks back to 2 am at 3 am.

More about the THE KOLLECTIVE: Me and my bunch of friends used to
kid around like this, bouncing ideas off each other about what company
we’ll start and who’ll be in it. πŸ™‚ I suddenly felt like doing that
again after reading the “starting up Burger King” comments (link
below). Thus, I posted this:

Link of the Day: Do you want to rule the world with an iron fist? JOIN US AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! We need YOU! []

on the previous post. πŸ™‚


I did a bit of Photoshop work during a break while working on my
assignment. I am aware of the distinct lack of designing skills on my
part. =D This is our logo. Yes, that’s my eye and I apologize about the
slightly bloodshot condition and the unsightly details. πŸ˜‰ I used macro
mode to take a photo of my right eye and I surprised myself with the
clarity and sharpness of the detail. The pupils were even reflecting
the digicam and monitor! I was inspired to do it by fuzzy’s [] logo creations for her design project. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the eye idea is from the Illuminati “all seeing eye” on top
of a pyramid design. It strikes fear into the hearts of our adversaries
and sends a general message out that WE ARE WATCHING YOU! The red
colors of THE KOLLECTIVE font symbolizes bravery, if I remember my
“color symbols of the Malaysian flag” lessons in high school right. The
bold uppercase font is meant to convey strength and send a “resistance
is futile” message. The “Leading the wild into the ways of the man…” is
a pet axiom of mine paraphrased from the bible. The phrase is meant to
convey our resolution in taking over the world.

THE KOLLECTIVE: It’s going to be a large company with lots of
divisions specializing in different things. That’s our official front,
anyway. The main income will be acquired by drug manufacture,
distribution and retailing. The company will not be involved in the sex
industry even though it’s lucrative because I think that it’s seedy and
dirty. Unlike many others, personally I think recreational drug use is
much more acceptable that being involved in the sex industry. Firearms
dealing could be in our future expansion plans though. There is no
leader in our organization, decisions are made by majority voting. Our
goal is to aggressively take over companies one by one either through
buying them out with our war chest or using strong arm tactics. Our
final aim is to take over the world and rule the world with our
collective iron fists! *loud, prolonged and slightly insane evil

Why the emphasis on drugs? Drugs = quick and fast cash flow. πŸ˜‰

Current members:

Huai Bin aka killuminati

Official job description: Computer science consultant
Off the record: Synthesis of recreational compounds to finance
our operation. First, simple pseudoephedrine -> methamphetamine and
as expertise grows, safrole -> mdma. we’ll pool our money to rent a
small warehouse in a remote area of Sibu, buy a pill press,
get the precursor chems and make pills with ‘K’ (for ‘K’ollective, you
can’t fit “THE KOLLECTIVE” on a pill!) imprinted with the “all seeing
eye” design on them. good, quality pills and we’ll undercut the
competition by selling them slightly above cost! Not only that, I’ll
also synthesize exotic chemicals from PiHKAL and TiHKAL by the much
respected Dr. Alexander Shulgin
[] and press them into pills which are labeled
properly, including dosage guides. I’ll tap the niche market yet!

Frank aka frank_omatic

Official job description: Legal representative
Off the record: Sue everyone to supplement our income. get us
out of trouble should our lab be discovered. europe representative to
distribute our pills. we’ll make huge ass pills with 200 mg of mdma and
push the amsterdam competition out of business! From the previous
comments (his words): As for all our money, i will put them in it some
off shore bank in South America. Don’t worry i will take care of the
legal document. We will open a investment company and a charity
organisation to “wash” our black money.

Daniel aka DieHardX

Official job description: Architecture consultant
Off the record: Sabotage other company’s architecture, make
buildings fall down and all that. singapore representative to
distribute our pills. pills will be smuggled in as ‘architecture
components’. use your philosophy ideas to think about unorthodox ways
to increase our grip on the world!

Adrian aka IQ0

Official job description: Chemical Engineer
Off the record: Applying his engineering background to make pill
presses and other machinery required for making drugs. His reverse
osmosis knowledge would be useful to produce clean pyrogen (sp?) free
water for our drug manufacturing.

Christopher aka Ah Siang

Official job description: Human Resource Director
Off the record: He’ll be in charge of recruiting people for our
strong arm division. The strong arm division is not part of THE
KOLLECTIVE and has no voting rights. Recruitment can be from militias,
soldiers of fortunes, gangsters, ah bengs, it doesn’t matter. We pay
them well and we overwhelm by numbers. Our army would be equipped with
.45 millimeter side arms for normal enforcement, confrontation,
harassment and intimidation campaigns. We’ll also have to buy AK47s
from a corrupt country who’s willing to sell automatic weapons for cash
in the near future. That would be necessary for gang warfare with
established cartels when we graduate into the big leagues. Our
organization’s resignation policy for our strong arm division is very
simple and promotes loyalty. Feel free to leave anytime. However, if
any disclosure of the organization’s activities is made, we’ll give you
a very nice “severance package”, which will ah…”set you up for life”,
so to speak. πŸ˜‰

Wen Jia aka teddybwear

Official job description: Horticulturist
Off the record: She has offered to cultivate our cannabis,
opium, coca and all other plants with recreational potential. That’s
good, coz shifting this responsibility to her gives my mom the ability
to concentrate on our underground pipe distribution network! Heh. πŸ™‚
She’s particularly interested in cultivating new strains of cannabis,
which is good. We’ll corner the cannabis market yet, with the help of
teddybwear, we’ll create a new ultra high THC content strain for the
connoisseur market. She’ll also be cultivating normal indica and sativa
strains to sell to the commercial market. Our product will be cured
properly, no shortcuts guaranteed! Our organization is committed to
ensuring that the cannabis is dry before weighting it for sale too.
Unlike our competitors, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth for
the weight! We’re not going to spray the cannabis with water to
artificially increase the weight or anything like that. And that’s THE
KOLLECTIVE guarantee! πŸ™‚

Other people I’ll like in THE KOLLECTIVE:

My dad aka Khemistry

Official job description: Administration
Off the record: Graduated with first class honors in chemistry. Arm him with Rhodium
[] and the equipment and the precursor chemicals and we’ll
make a good father and son manufacturing team. πŸ˜‰ However, I have a
feeling he wants no part in this operation. He’s a devout Christian and
is sure to disapprove of our methods for producing quick cash flow.
Hah! πŸ™‚

My mom aka Magma

Official job description: Earth Science Director
Off the record: Has a degree in earth sciences (geography) so
she’ll be in charge of analyzing rock structures and all that so that
we can achieve our final aim: a worldwide underground tunnel system to
bypass the traditional air/land/sea smuggling routes and have our own
undetectable routes to distribute our goods. She’s also very interested
in plants so she can be our official horticulturist and cultivate
cannabis plants, poppies, coca plants etc. Again, I don’t think she
wants to be a part of this too. Heh. πŸ™‚

My sister aka Doc

Official job description: Medical professional
Off the record: Final year med student. She’ll be responsible
for providing discreet medical care for the members of THE KOLLECTIVE.
The nature of our fund raising will inevitably lead to conflict with
other similar organizations and she’ll provide assistance for gunshot
wounds and other occupational hazards related to the business. Like my
mom and dad, she’ll be against our less than legal approach to achieve
intensive positive cash flow, so information should be supplied to her
on a “need to know” basis only. πŸ˜‰

Michelle aka Ga|adriel

Official job description: Pharmaceuticals Director
Off the record: I’ll need her pharmacy background for drug
synthesis. She’ll also be the director of our pharmaceuticals
department so she’s also in charge of getting the precursor chemicals
for the synthesis. Since she’s a pharmacist, she can also prescribe us
with much needed benzos as running THE KOLLECTIVE is going to be a very
stressful and anxiety-inducing job. πŸ˜‰ She would also be the source for
‘diverted pharmaceuticals’ like benzos, (meth)amphetamines, morphine,
oxycodone, fentanyl and other legitimately prescribed drugs with
recreational potential which we can sell for additional income.

Anna aka bear_bear

Official job description: Public Relations
Off the record: Nothing off the record. She’s qualified to be
our public relations person since she did that for her degree. Her job
would be to convince the world that we’re a legitimate organization and
divert attention away from our illegal shenanigans and emphasize our
legitimate achievements. She’ll also be in charge of making periodic
donations to charity to build up our image as an organization who cares
for the community.

Karen aka mInjuEnz

Official job description: Accountant
Off the record: My girlfriend is qualified to hold this position
but I don’t want her involved in any illegal schemes so mInjuEnz will
be in charge of our financial bookkeeping instead. Heh. She’s doing
actuarial studies which is close enough to handle the finance side of
the business. She would also provide risk analysis for not only our
organization’s legitimate expansion but our drug cartel control and
expansion. She’s also in charge of doing some creative accounting to
conceal our money laundering.

Ung Hing aka Zion

Official job description: Aeronautical engineer
Off the record: He’s doing aeronautical engineering so he’s
going to do maintenance and possibly upgrade our currently non-existent
fleet of planes that’s carrying our precious chemical cargo while the
pipe network is awaiting completion. Who’s going to fly the planes?
Everyone takes turns. πŸ™‚ Okay, let’s all take flying lessons this
Easter break.

Diana aka ying

Official job description: Medical professional
Off the record: She’s also studying medicine and we need more than one doctor.

Datina aka LoLI_PoP

Official job description: Legal representative
Off the record: We’ll need more than one lawyer too, since
things can get bad very fast if our illegal activities happens to be
exposed. Otherwise, she’ll be working with frank to file frivolous
lawsuits against other companies for additional income

Justina aka Jus

Official job description: Medical professional
Off the record: You can’t have too many doctors. Or lawyers for that matter. πŸ™‚

Okay, I’m going to stop here. I can’t believe I wasted an hour
writing this! Oh well, at least technically I didn’t lose an hour coz
today’s the end of daylight saving time. Haha! Writing nonsense is fun
though, I like doing that, which was why I started a blog in the first

I have too much time on my hands.

No, wait…I don’t! My assignment awaits!

Add your name and any expertise or experience you have to the
comments if you want to join THE KOLLECTIVE. Join us now and rule the
world, or be ruled by our collective iron fists when we take over the
world and our reign is absolute and irrevocable!

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