Meeting e from LA and fish_fish from Japan in Kuching

I managed to meet up with e and fish_fish over the weekend, despite
the hectic schedule at work. I got around to meeting up with them
during a break at Da Lai near King Center. This is a photo of us in
16:9 aspect ratio:

e fish_fish me

L-R: e [], who is strictly heterosexual, as he informs me ;), fish_fish [], with a policy of not revealing herself in photos (it’s true – check her blog), and me.

e stuff

e kindly gave me some stuff from LA – Everclear high proof grain
alcohol, a can of Coors Light and two types of smokeless tobacco.
Thanks! I shall review them individually.

ff stuff

ff also brought back some stuff from Japan for me – a giant Kobe
Wine flavored Pocky which is only available in that prefecture in
Japan, Ramune – the drink with that push down ball, 5 packs of
different Japanese cigarettes from a vending machine and candy. Cheers!
I’m going to enjoy reviewing these.

My apologies for the late posting, have a lot on my plate at work.
I’ll be flying to KL early tomorrow morning and will be staying in a
hotel there. It’s a business trip, so I probably will be busy, but if
anyone wants to hook up, you can always try 016 869 0110. See ya!

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