Balance the coin on the lemon!

luconia lemon balance

Luconia has this jar on the bar with a floating lemon inside a color tinted liquid. The liquid is changed daily so there’s a different color every time.

luconia lemon

The game is to balance a coin on the lemon for at least 3 seconds without touching the lemon or using prohibited methods like superglue (someone tried – it didn’t work coz the lemon was wet).

luconia lemon coins

It’s practically impossible to achieve due to the curvature of the lemon though apparently it is scientifically possible. You win a bottle of liquor of your choice or a jug of beer (depending on your preference) if you can manage to balance a coin on the lemon for more than 3 seconds.

luconia lemon tipping

It’s basically a glorified tipping jar, but it looks great on the bar. πŸ˜‰


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