L&M promotional cigarettes packs

lm collector pack

L&M came out with this limited run packaging for both the
menthol and full flavored variants last year. It’s nothing to write
home about, I imagine it’s marketed as a collector’s item.

lm collector pack slip

It has a pack of L&M cigarettes and a lighter for RM 9. I
remember L&M cigarettes were going for RM 4 before the price hike,
so that means the lighter is RM 5. That’s one hell of an expensive
lighter, considering it’s not refillable, like a Zippo.

lm collector pack naked

Here’s a closer look at the front of the pack, without the distracting translucent cover…

lm collector pack back

…and here’s the back of the pack.

lm open pack

The limited edition box features a slide-out, flip-open design –
revealing a recessed receptacle containing a pack of L&M cigarettes
and the L&M lighter.

lm open design

It’s quite well designed, though I can’t imagine the target market with the pricing…

lm lighter instruction

The interesting bit in this particular is the lighter, which also
came with an instruction booklet (!). I’m glad it did, God knows I
can’t operate a lighter without reading a manual first. πŸ˜‰

lm lighter

This is a closer look at the lighter in question…

lm lighter light

…and the L&M lighter when it’s in action.

lm new promotion

L&M seems to have a fondness for designing clothes for its
cigarettes for they came out with another promotional pack recently.

lm new promotion pack ff

This is the full flavored packaging design. It features a male and
female model in what I presume is supposed to be a rugged, rough look.

lm new promotion pack menthol

The menthol version features what seem to be the same two models,
this time going for the hip and cool look. Is hip even a word nowadays
or did it get deprecated in the turn of the millennium?

lm push out

Anyway, the interesting part of these new promotional packs is the
price – it retails for RM 8! That’s two packs of L&M cigarettes,
together with the push-out packaging for the pre-price hike price of RM

lm new promotion packs

It’s a great deal! L&M – Mellow, distinctly smooth… πŸ˜‰

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