RM 15 bowl of prawn noodles

min kong cafe

Min Kong Cafe reputedly has the best prawn noodles in town, the
standard against which all prawn noodles are benchmarked against in

min kong inside

I went there for breakfast just now – it’s a popular place for
breakfast and people go there for the RM 15 prawn noodles. It’s the
flagship dish of this place.

rm15 prawn noodles

The prawn noodles is cooked Foochow style, with the noodles fried
before cooking and served in a large soup bowl with three large king
prawns, partially peeled.

rm15 prawn noodles close

It’s a hearty and warming breakfast, and no, the soup isn’t as
radioactive orange as the photo seems to indicate – it’s dark brown,
but the lighting conditions made it come out like that. It’s a good
place for breakfast if you like prawn noodles. The place also serves
fish noodles for RM 15.

I’ll be flying back to Kuching later tonight…going back to work tomorrow.

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