Restoran Kari Kapala Ikan Cheras

cheras fish head restaurant

Cheras Fish Head Curry Restaurant is an eating establishment that
has been in operation since 1978. The eatery is open 24 hours a day and
serves curry fish head as their flagship dish. There’s also a sign
saying that their other signature dish is the mutton curry.

cheras fish head mutton

The kari kambing (mutton curry) was good…though the chunks are a
little too big to handle. Smaller cuts would have been nice, but
otherwise, I have no complaints about the mutton curry. It says that
the mutton curry has been popular since the restaurants inception.

cheras fish head crackers

The obligatory crackers also made an appearance…

cheras fish head vegies

…as well as the vegetable dish.

cheras fish head prawns

We also ordered some prawn curry. It was alright, but nowhere near as good as the mutton curry.

cheras fish head calamari

The calamari curry was also uninspiring…

cheras fish head fish

…but then came the much lauded fish head curry. It was great! The
curry fish head came out tender, with the fish tasting fresh despite
the curry treatment.

cheras fish head fish accusing

There’s just something about a dead fish looking accusingly at you
(through chilli covered eyes) while you eat. I can’t explain it…

cheras fish head waterfall

…but those who are inclined to do so can drown themselves in the
waterfall beside the restaurant should the guilt prove to be
overwhelming. πŸ˜‰

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