Man selling crabs at the roadside

roadside crabs

I saw a man selling crabs at the roadside while on the way back to the office just now. I didn’t get any, obviously, since my kitchen amenities are meager (understatement of the year) but my CTO grabbed one. One kilogram of live crabs (about 4-5 crabs depending on size) goes for RM 8 in a nice bunch.

roadside crabs serious

The man has got a serious case of crabs…

Lame jokes aside, I’m putting up my bets for tonight as requested. I’m going for Iran (no concedes) and Argentina (conceding one goal) at a stake of RM 300 each.

I’m pretty much spent from work today so I’m going to turn in early and catch some sleep before going on-site again tomorrow. Work has been very hectic as of late (which was why I couldn’t go to Cambodia) so I’ll reply the comments when I can.

Good luck!


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