Tequila lollipop with real worm review

tequila lollipop wrap

I received a Saran wrapped package from the US with a tequila
lollipop containing a real worm inside and a note which says “If he’s
not in Jail, pass to 6 Seal at 016 8883166”. Thanks for the vote of
confidence, Eddie [cooknengr.com]. :p

tequila lollipop single

The tequila flavored lollipop with a real worm comes courtesy of Eddie who came back from the US a while ago before heading back for work again. The lollipop is called HotLix and it’s called “Tequila Flavor with Worm” and lists Malitol syrup, Insect Larva, natural and artificial flavoring as the ingredients.

tequila lollipop worm

This is a closer look at the tequila flavored lollipop containing a
genuine tequila worm inside. The tequila worm is listed as “insect
larvae” and it’s technically a caterpillar that lives on the leaves on
the mescal plant and it’s usually called an “agave worm”. There is no
worm in tequila of course, but this marketing perpetuated myth has
produced some interesting products. :)

tequila lollipop open

The tequila flavored lollypop with worm tastes
great – but the syrupy lollypop kept on sticking to my tongue piercing
stud. It’s a very sticky lollypop which smoothes out towards the end
and the are hints of tequila flavor (agave) shines through after the
initial sugary taste. The objective is to suck on it until the tequila
worm comes out. The tequila worm (technically insect larvae) tastes

tequila lollipop worm lick

Oh, hello!

Mmm…tastes like chicken. :)

Scratch that…it actually tastes a little crunchy and has a deep
fried texture to it; so I would say it tastes like deep fried chicken skin. ;)

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