Arak Putih Rumah Panjai – longhouse liquor

arak putih rumah panjang

Arak Putih Rumah Panjang (or Rumah Panjai as it states on the label)
is a very affordable brand of distilled liquor at RM 4.40 for 620 ml of
around 60% proof alcohol. It’s one of the locally brewed spirits – the
picture above shows the grand tradition of these fine local offerings.
As you can see, local distilleries is very big on recycling and
environmental issues (haha!). The photo taken above shows the various
bottles that it comes in – there’s a white one which I suspect is a
recycled vinegar bottle, and the brown one beside it is a recycled
Carlsberg bottle and the one behind that is a Tiger beer bottle with
the bottles emptied, cleaned (I hope) and filled with their own product
and slapped with their brand.

arak putih rumah panjai

This one is from Hornbill Distillery at 4th Mile, Kuching. I got the
white bottle to show that the distilled spirit is white. Excuse me for
not being articulate and forgive any language semantics inconsistencies
in this post because I have already consumed 1/4 of the liquor on an
empty stomach.

rumah panjai

It’s known as longhouse liqueur because of the picture of a longhouse on it.

longhouse liquor

It certainly is packs a punch…I’ve chugged a third of the bottle
now, and the taste is surprisingly palatable, with none of the kerosene
taste these locally brewed liquors have. It’s good. Nice! Well, and I
am afraid I am unable to continue writing now. I’m starting to get
quite inebriated…

chug longhouse
Check yourself into AA, you fucking alcoholic!
The unglamorous face behind πŸ˜‰

Lainie [], if you ask me now, I’m feeling good. πŸ™‚

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