Straight from Penang…


I just got Likki’s [] birthday present. Thanks Lik Chuen! I really appreciate that you took the time to make the card yourself. πŸ™‚


There’s also a letter and a LoTR ring inscribed with the elfin
script in the package. Looking at the handwritten letter, it strangely
reminds me of a pen-pal I used to have when I was in early secondary


The package is actually dated 11/4 but I just got it today, even
though there’s no mail on Sunday. (?) Thanks again Lik Chuen, for your
present. πŸ™‚

Well, today was very rainy and cold so I spent most of the day
sleeping. I couldn’t help myself, when it’s dark outside at 3 pm I felt
so sleepy I crawled into bed and slept with the heater on. Heh. Dark +
rainy + cold = sleep. Well, I’ve got to finish up my tute exercises now
since I spent most of the day sleeping. It’s the weather I tell
you…making me all sleepy and lazy, but I love this kind of weather
anyway. Mmm…melancholic.

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