Mabron injection (IV, IM, SC) report

mabron pack

I managed to get hold of a box of Mabron (tramadol hydrochloride)
injection ampoules from my good pharmacy friend. Mabron can be
administered via IV (Intravenous Injection), IM (Intra-muscular
Injection) or SC (Subcutaneous Injection) and comes in a box of 5 x 200
mg ampoules.

mabron injection

Here’s a closer look at the box. It contains 100 mg of tramadol
hydrochloride for injection per ml. The ampoules are 2 ml each, so that
comes out to 200 mg per ampoule. I administered the Mabron solution
using Terumo .29 G syringes.

mabron ampoules

This is the Mabron (IV, IM, SC) ampoules. It comes in old skool
glass ampoules that can be snapped off at the top. I took three videos
of myself injecting Mabron – SC, IM and IV respectively. I originally
only wanted to do IV but I forgot my 256 MB SD Card and only had a 16
MB SD Card at my disposal so the videos are rather rushed as I needed
to finish everything in slightly more than 60 seconds.

mabron sc

Download: Mabron SC injection []

I thought I had got a vein, but I didn’t – this was a subcutaneous shot.

mabron im

Download: Mabron IM injection []

The time ran out before I could register a vein so I just stuck it into muscle and IM the solution.

mabron iv

Download: Mabron IV injection []

This is the video where I managed to IV the Mabron (tramadol hydrochloride) injection solution.

There isn’t anything much I can add to tramadol that hasn’t been described in the original tramadol experience report []…but the injectible form of tramadol has differences from the oral ingestion capsules described below:

feel a rush, sweating, speedy effects predominate but seretonin
release is there too. feels very nice. gets me clumsy too. feels like
the familiar tramadol opiate with serotonin bonus effects but MUCH
STRONGER. it feels much speedier too. i would consider iv tramadol a
recreational drug.

I would consider Mabron (tramadol hydrochloride) to be recreational in injection form when it’s administered using syringes.

Disclaimer: The scenes depicted in the videos did
not happen the last time I went back to Sibu. It happened a long, long
time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

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