Mall sushi

mall sushi

I was at Delta Mall after work today with Faye and we found this stall selling sushi at a corner. It’s relatively cheap at 4 boxes for RM 10.

mall sushi display

Each box contains two pieces of sushi and there are a couple of interesting combinations. I notice some of the toppings are decidedly localized, for a lack of a better term. πŸ˜‰

smiley face sushi

The clerk was particularly proud of this creation – it was made to look like a smiley face. She made it herself and I think she was a little offended when the both of us couldn’t see the similarities. I hear the trick is to look at it sideways…

mall sushi car

We got four boxes to eat in the car since Faye had to do some shopping for her newly renovated room. I have been enlisted to apply my superior flair in color coordination to help her choose an appropriate duvet and fitted sheet for her new bed to match her painted walls.

mall eel sushi

I thought the eel sushi was the best out of the bunch. I didn’t really care for the others.

mall sushi eat

Thus, we did some righteous gorging in the car and headed for another mall. It was alright for the price…

mall sushi good

If anything, you made someone really happy by buying that Smiley Face Sushi. =D

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