Tiny mandarin oranges

tiny mandarin oranges bag

These are mini mandarin oranges in a netting bag that Penny brought
to the office. These tiny mandarin oranges usually comes into season
about these time of the year and is smaller than the usual mandarin
oranges that are traditionally available for Chinese New Year.

tiny mandarin orange

These mandarin oranges are really small and some comes with the stalk and leaf still attached to it.

tiny mandarin orange size

Here’s a RM 0.10 coin to show the size of these tiny oranges. I’ve seen oranges the size of limes, but these comes pretty close.

tiny mandarin orange open

The skin peels off easily and the orange segments are seedless and
wonderfully sweet. I’m not a big fan of oranges (or citrus fruits, or
any fruits, come to think of it), but these are nice and sweet.

Anyway, I’ll be going to Bintulu tomorrow on a business trip. I’ll
be leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening. It’s another
presentation. Wish me luck!

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