Mee Jawa Kuah Unta (Mee Jawa with Camel Gravy)

mee jawa unta stall

This is Bahgia 9 Cafe, one of the food stalls at the Civic Center which offers a rather unique dish…

mee jawa unta sign

…Mee Jawa with Camel Gravy. Camel meat and ostrich meat for that
matter, is not rare over here – there are a couple of industries
offering meat products from these animals as an alternative to…well,

mee jawa unta pot

The nice ladies at the stall were kind enough to show me the camel
gravy (kuah unta) from which they make their Mee Jawa Kuah Unta with.
It comes in a steaming pot with camel meat. The gravy is made by
simmering the camel meat with various spices (they didn’t reveal which
ones exactly) overnight.

mee jawa unta served

We all ordered a dish of the Mee Jawa (noodles cooked Indonesian
style with a distinctive spicy gravy) – this is what it looks like.

mee jawa unta egg

The Mee Jawa with Camel is good…I can’t say that my palate is
sophisticated enough to detect camel meat in the gravy, but I can tell
you that it’s good Mee Jawa. The place has some righteous satay too.

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