Mini Choux Au Saumon

salmon snack carrefour

The Mini Choux Al Saumon is actually a Carrefour store brand
Aperitif snack with salmon flavor. It retails for RM 4 per box and I
got one to try out, since it looks pretty appetizing.

salmon snack box

I still couldn’t manage to decipher what the words actually mean but
I gathered enough from the picture on the front to know that it’s salty
and salmon flavored balls.

salmon snack ingredients

The ingredients list were not much help either, since it’s not in English…

salmon snack back

It’s a good thing there’s an English translation on the back. The
packaging looks really good, depicting salmon puffs in front of a
tranquil scene. It’s nothing like the other store branded items I’ve
seen, with minimalist features to save on cost.

salmon snack balls

This is what the salmon balls looks like. I thought it looks a little like a bun.

salmon snack dip

I bit into the salmon puffs and found that there was a delicious
surprise inside – the salmon puffs are filled with salmon dip! It’s
amazing, and not what I expected at all. I didn’t know it contains real
dip inside. It tastes great!

The Carrefour store branded Mini Choux Au Saumon is a must-try. The
name of the snack doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, but the taste
does. πŸ˜‰

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