The empire strikes back

a better mousetrap

I have been told by my fellow coworkers that
our office has a problem with rodent infestation. I have personally never
seen rats in the office but my colleagues have experienced secondary
effects from said creature. The more common grievances include snacks
being gnawed into and mugs and/or bottles falling over, or otherwise
disturbed, the next morning. I suspect the latter could be a manifestation
of clandestine office politics – covert ops of sabotage performed after
office hours – but there is a general consensus that we have a rat


Thus, the management has procured three
mousetraps for our floor. These are not the unpopular snapping mousetraps
that are extremely hazardous to stray toes but the baited cage type with a
piece of cracker inside.

It looks like our furry little friends are in
for an unpleasant surprise.

P/S – I will be flying to Kuching on Saturday for the long weekend holidays. Anyone interested to hook up?

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