King of the Nordic Twilight

I was surfing the network just now, looking for new music and I stumbled upon this gem. The
music reminds me of something out of Final Fantasy (the RPG, not the movie). I seldom find music
that I enjoy without having to have it “grow on me”, and this was one of the rare occasions where I
liked an album on the first listen. It sounds remarkably similar to Cradle of Filth, but without
Dani Filth’s high pitched vocals. Think Dusk and Her Embrace with only the female vocals. It’s epic
music, very nice, but it’s not as gothic as CoF. King of the Nordic Twilight is by Luca Turilli and
it’s more “happy sounding” than CoF although I found their sound quite similar. I also found
Slayer’s latest album – God Hates Us All, kudos to them for managing to sound the same after all
these years. The first time I heard Slayer is on South of Heaven and now, 10 (?) years later, they
still sound the same, with the same issues getting their panties all in a twist too. How’s that for
dedication to a genre? =D

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