Nescafe Ice review

nescafe ice can

Nescafe Ice is the newest lineup in the canned drinks portfolio of
Nestle Nescafe brand of coffee products. Nescafe already has a canned
drink range, in the slimmer and taller canned and ready to drink form
factor, with a variety of flavors. Nescafe Ice is the new product that
conforms to the standard 330 ml canned format.

nescafe ice deep chill

Nescafe Ice is the latest product in the Nescafe drinks line to jump
on the X Ice bandwagon. It is marketed as Nescafe coffee with a “deep
chill sensation”, which is a phrase for making “it contains mint” sound
better. πŸ˜‰

nescafe ice mint

Nescafe Ice has mint added to it like all the other X Ice products
out there. However, it is the first non-carbonated canned drink in
Malaysia to add mint and the “Ice” suffix to it. It does have a mint
aftertaste to it, which can be pleasant on a hot day, but still, coffee
is coffee. Nescafe Ice doesn’t offer anything new, but it’s a
refreshing drink…

Nescafe Ice is great for those who want the convenience of coffee in a
can. Personally, I drink a lot of coffee (not the euphemism, coffee
coffee) in a working day, and I like the mint aftertaste, so I consider
it a great addition to Nescafe’s canned drinks portfolio.

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