Why cordless optical mice suck…

or why cordless optical mice using rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and used by a guy who does not
wait until the batteries are discharged before recharging suck. Ni-Cd batteries are particularly
sensitive to the “memory effect” [batterybank.com]. Hmm…I
think I’ve lost track of what I wanted to say. I meant to post something along the lines of
“wh00t I found my missing battery”. Anyway, some background info. I use the Logitech Cordless Freedom
[Logitech] keyboard/mouse combo. The good thing is that they look cool. The bad
thing is that they require batteries (being cordless) and I’ve noticed that my CS skillz have
gone downhill ever since I used this mouse. Anyway, I’m digressing. The meat of this post:

1. I have 8 rechargable Ni-Cd batteries

2. 4 are for the keyboard and 2 are for the mouse with 2 as backup so that I always have a fresh

3. I lost one of them a couple of weeks ago.

4. I found one of them today when I picked up my laundry. It had rolled under a chair.

5. wh00t

Oh Joy! Thou hath not forsaken me!

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