Earthquake, Kuching

earthquake kuching

This is Earthquake in Kuching, affectionately dubbed E-quake. It’s
marketed as a pub and bistro but it’s more like a club atmosphere. We
went here after Denise.

Feel the earth quake!

equake dancer

There are dancers on poles (hired by management) but the music is
not very conducive for chemicals, it caters mostly to the ethanol
clientele so we didn’t stay long. We dropped by coz one of my friends
knows the owner. It’s a nice place though, if you like this kind of
ambience. The place was packed!

equake dj



It also seems to have a reputation for having the best looking
chicks (substitute with non-offensive and politically correct term for
young females) in Kuching. Here are the photos, my apologies about the
quality, I wasn’t exactly sober at this point…hell, I wasn’t sober
the whole day…

Saturday is Substance Day! πŸ˜‰

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