Cock and Bull in bed

bed club

bed is the latest clubbing district in Kota
Kinabalu, Sabah. It is located at the waterfront and shares its block
with other illustrious clubs and pubs like Nam Kwai Fong (a Cantopop feng tau joint) and Cock and Bull (a pub with draft beer that has a high expatriate and traveler audience).

bed multiple floors

The flagship of this new nightlife neighborhood is the recently built bed club.
The bright neon sign of this simple, yet elegant name is emblazoned
across the building which houses the club. bed is a large club with
multiple floors and areas and it impressed me that KK has this sort of

bed dance floor

We went to bed (the club, not the act) on Saturday night to cap off
our Kota Kinabalu trip with a visit to the entertainment facilities
that the place has to offer. The bouncer at the door opened the door
for us and we were instantly greeted by a huge dance floor located in
the middle of the club. bed has state of the art sound systems and
light displays.

bed bed room

The VIP room is appropriately named the “bed room”. I had guessed that before we had even stepped into the club. πŸ˜‰

bed bar area

There is also a long bar and seating arrangements for people who’re not into the dance floor or wants to chill out.


Download: bed club video []

cock and bull

The next destination we headed to is Cock & Bull
(after dropping into Nam Kwai Fong for a while). This is a pub with a
live band and draft beer and all sorts of amenities that you would
expect a pub to have. It’s located right after bed and Nam Kwai Fong
and probably is meant as an after party destination after the two clubs

cock and bull draft

It was about 1 am when we arrived at Cock and Bull and we stayed
there till about 3 am. There are two kinds of draft beer on tap (Tiger
Beer and Guinness Stout) and we ordered a jug of Tiger Beer.

cock and bull cocktail

I also had their signature cocktail – Cock and Bull (RM 38). It’s a blue hued cocktail with a slice of lemon and has a pretty high alcoholic content. It tastes great!

cock and bull pool

Cock & Bull also has a pool table where you can practice your inebriated pool shooting skills…

cock and bull waitresses

Talk with one of the friendly Cock and Bull waitresses…

cock and bull band

Listen to the resident live band perform cover songs…

cock and bull puke

Watch low alcohol tolerance people puke and moan while slumped on one of the outside tables…

cock and bull goggles

Put on your beer goggles for a bit…

cock and bull more beer

…and maybe order another round of drinks.

cock and bull relax

It’s a great place to wind down for the night. πŸ™‚

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