Goodbye Shirley!


This is a photo of Shirley Yu Qi Ji, taken this morning. She’s my
housemate and she’s finished her studies at HELP Institute so she’s
moving out today. The background is the empty room that was once
occupied by her, and another girl from China would be moving in soon to
take her place. I was surprised when she mentioned webpages after I
took the picture, I wasn’t aware that she knows I keep a blog.

However, it turns out that she doesn’t know about my blog, she’s
under the impression that everyone taking photos with a digicam puts
them up on the net. Anyway, she did not mind being posted and I agreed
to mail her a copy. I actually forgot that she was moving out today
until I got out of the shower, all dripping wet and saw her lugging
several large suitcases down the stairs so I helped.

Anyway, Shirley is an international student from China and we’ve
always been intrigued by this dish she cooks – she only makes one pot
of soup for dinner, but there’s all sorts of things inside the soup.
That’s the only dish…very interesting. Well, I’m still at the office
finishing up some stuff…I think I would have to come in either
Saturday or Sunday to complete it since I’m really tired from not
sleeping last night. I’ll update and reply the comments when I get home.

Goodbye Shirley! It’s been great living together.

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