My dear daughter Natalie

This is the first photo I’ve ever shown of my daughter Natalie, aged
10. I’ve never admitted to having a daughter, but I have an urge to
inform you all about my wonderful daughter. I had a hormone fuelled
transgression when I was at the tender age of 13, and I feel obliged to
post about the consequences of the said transgression – my beautiful

natalie ha
Like father, like daughter. Does she look like me?

Okay, so she’s not my daughter. πŸ™‚ Now be honest, who actually fell
for it? Anyway, she’s Natalie Ha Siaw Ching of St. Theresa. She’s in
Primary 5 and is 10 going to 11 this year. She’s the daughter of one of
my coworkers, Lynette. Her mother brought her and her brother into the
office on Saturday morning because there was no one to babysit them.

I found out that she wants to be an author and one of the first
thing she did when she came in is to ask for a pencil and a piece of
paper to write an essay (!). How many 10 year olds have you met
like that? She likes reading too and is very intelligent, which reminds
me of myself when I was young.

This is the original copy of the essay that she wrote. She gave it
to me because she doesn’t keep her work. Here’s a scanned version of
Natalie Ha’s work, handwritten by the future author:

natalie essay

It would be noteworthy to mention that all the events she wrote
about are real. Her parents brought her up candidly, telling her
everything and being open about everything. My coworker (her mom) told
me about these events before I knew Natalie and it was touching and
nice to read her essay (which she completed in a couple of minutes). It
would do well to go back and re-read that piece now that you know
everything she wrote about is real.

Anyway, if you can’t read the scanned image, here’s the transcript:

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