Happy Birthday Irene Chan Ai Ling! =D

irene 21st

Okay, this is a rather belated post – Irene had her birthday on the 25th of March and I got fucked up that night and also Sunday night so I didn’t post until today. I was working OT that Saturday (crunch time for a project) so we just met up for drinks at Luconia.

irene 21st white packet

I got Irene something very cheesy for her birthday. It was funny, at least with my increasingly demented sense of humor. There were three things inside, two of them I told her she could probably guess (which she did, it was plywood ;)) but she didn’t get the third one coz it’s just too cheesy.

irene 21st trio

This is me, Irene and David. I think we were pretty much fucked up by that time…at least I was. Hell, I’ve been fucked up since 7 pm. πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Irene Chan Ai Ling [blogspot.com] ! Much <3 !

P/S – Aries rulez!!!!1oneone. You’re technically legal now, Irene! =D


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