Lyn’s birthday

The birthday cake

Lyn is one of my housemates, she lives upstairs at the master
bedroom with 3 other girls. Here’s a bit of a background about the
place I live in. Basically the configuration of our house is:
I live at the only room downstairs.
There is a girl from China studying at HELP Institute living on the
first bedroom upstairs. Her bf comes and stays over some days, but both
of them are away every weekend.
The second bedroom is taken by a couple who keeps to themselves and is
seldom seen outside their bedroom, but is friendly enough.
The master bedroom is taken by 4 girls who’re all from Sibu and I know
them from MPI, the college I went to for some odd months before going
to Melbourne.

Shim Lyn

Anyway, Lyn is having her birthday today (again, it’s technically
yesterday, I can’t sleep even after taking my prescription from my
taper doctor like a good boy) and the others decided to have dinner
together. I was recuperating *cough* and only woke up at 4 pm and went
to Pusat Bandar Damansara to pick up some fried chicken while someone
got a cake and the others cooked.

Blowing out the candles…

Cake cutting

There is this tradition where the person having the birthday has to
eat “chang shou mien” – basically “long life noodles” or just a really
long and sticky version of rice vermicelli. It’s usually eaten with
chicken soup and boiled eggs. There you have it, another one of my more
personal entries. Happy birthday Lyn!


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