I need a haircut…


I mean seriously, look at me! I hate having hair shagging in my
eyes, it makes me feel irritable and I’ve been meaning to get it cut,
but I’ve always managed to put it off because I’m lazy. Now that it’s
seriously long (for me anyway), I want to get it cut but I
can’t! It’s Easter weekend and today’s still a holiday for most shops
(Easter Monday) and Anzac Day is coming up and I don’t know when I can
get a haircut. I’ve been known to chop off my own hair
[sixthseal.com] and I might do that again if I don’t get around to
making an appointment with a hairdresser soon. Right now, I’m just
managing by slicking my front hair back with water, and quickly putting
on my headphones and that gets it out of my eyes at least.

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