Bread Talk – the catalyst


The catalyst? Pork floss buns and other pastries my gf’s cousin
bought and left with my gf’s brother. I’ve become selfish, ungrateful
and inconsiderate. There you go…that’s how much I’ve degenerated. It
embaresses me, especially since my gf’s bro is the opposite of that. I
was less than willing to take 15 min out of my preciously limited
personal time to go and get something someone bought for us. And he
bought it up to us. Someone knock me upside the head and call me names,
I deserve it.

I want more time. But before that I really need to work on being
less self centered…it’s shocking how I get affected by work to let it
affect my personal relationships. I really want to be a better person
in this regards. There are only so many hours in a day. It can be
extended if you want, but you’ve gotta crash one day. What did I want
to do with this “personal time” anyway? Fuck this shit man, time with
close people should be personal time too…I must not let this happen
again. This is not who I want to be, this selfish, ungrateful and self
centered person.

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