Behold! Hear me rant!

This is directed at no one in particular, but the way I see it, if you’re asking me for a favor,
which I define as something that goes beyond my job scope, but I
willingly took upon coz I want to help you out, at least a simple
“Thank You” would please me.

I’m perfectly happy to draw a Visio diagram while I have a backlog
of my own work to do. I drew that diagram from 7:30 am to 8:00 am,
which is before my stipulated work hours. You wanted to rush
it out, I rushed it for you. This is not my project, but I’m perfectly
willing to help, to do this for the company.

I know people can be busy and caught up with other things, and I’m
not being sensitive here, but saying a simple “Thanks” goes a long way.
It makes people willing to help out the next time. Treating people like
they’re unimportant after the delegation (which is not my project to
begin with, but like I said, I used my private time to draw it) makes
people resentful.

It only takes one second to say “Thank You” and make people happy.

Upper management out there should take note of this. It doesn’t take
long to say it and make people feel appreciated. Good management
already knows that.

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