Thanks to Big D for the US $ (and also the grandma card)!

big d kc

I received an envelope from Derek in the mail today. Big D is one of
the senior moderators at and he was kind enough to help out
with the bandwidth bills of the umbrella of sites.

big d kc grandma

The contribution was double wrapped (two envelopes – the only way to
send cash via post) and the bills hidden inside a Hallmark greeting
card. There was a US$ 20 bill and a US$ 10 bill. The card happens to be
one for grandmothers, I appreciate the thought, grandson. πŸ˜‰

big d kc cash

This is the “Happy Birthday Grandma” card that Big D sent the cash
with. I figure the post office people would feel really bad if they
didn’t deliver this to a poor old helpless lady. Heh! The
correspondence is applied mosaic for confidentiality.

big d kc us

In God We Trust.

Thanks, my friend…it’s really great that you went though all the
trouble, much love (in a totally heterosexual, brotherly way, of course
;)), mate!

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