It only takes 26 muscles


I keep a journal of sorts on my PDA because I get “stoner
epiphanies” sometimes and I usually forget them before I even have a
chance to write them down! Smoking weed and taking high doses of
benzodiazepines with alcohol daily is taking a heavy toll on my short
term memory. I’m going to adopt a “no benzos or alcohol except during
weekends” policy starting from the 9th of March. Cheers to a close
friend of mine who made me reevaluate the frequency of my recreational
drug usage. You know who you are. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Anyway, that was not what I wanted to talk about. I was on that “bye
bye short term memory” combo this evening before I went out with a
couple of friends. I was snapping pictures of buildings along the way,
it’s so fun to do while on drugs. Anyway, we soon pulled up to this
building where one of our friend lives and while waiting for her to
come down, I was being shutter happy and taking pictures of everything.
There was this pretty girl standing outside a bar SMSing or something
and she turned away when she saw me taking pictures of the building she
was in front of.

Well, I thought she was unhappy about my unintentional intrusion
because she started walking to the side but she soon came back to the
same spot and continued with her SMS action. She probably just did not
want to block my photo of the nicely ancient building. Well, the story
of this rather pointless post was that we passed by her while driving
out of the lane and she looked at me so I gave her a friendly smile and
she smiled so sweetly and happily back that I couldn’t help but feel
pleased. I thought that was nice of her coz not many people smile to
strangers nowadays. I had an epiphany about human nature right about
then too, but as usual, I forgot about it…

I don’t know what I’m talking about half the time, it’s so all over the place.

All I know is people should smile more often.

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