Pasar Malam and Sugarbun Gateway

I went to the pasar malam [] again tonight with
Daniel, to get one last photo opportunity before it gets torn down to make way for more parking

The food area of the pasar malam.

All sorts of stuff on display at a stall.

I saw this old woman who has been selling a type of appetizer there for at least several
decades. I remember buying food at her stall when I was in primary school. It seems kinda sad, but
interesting nevertheless. It was relatively cool tonight, and it rained just as we finished
covering the area. We then headed to the newly renovated and redesigned Sugarbun Gateway [] at the town center. The
renovation must have just finished a couple of days ago, because they were still going at it
when I went on Saturday to attend the SUKMA athletes meet and greet
[]. It’s one of the fastest renovation jobs ever, according to Daniel, who tends to
notice facts like this, being an architecture major. I think they just took a few days to
completely revamp the old Sugarbun layout.

The counter area of Sugarbun Gateway.

The al fresco dining area.

The air conditioned indoor dining area.

To my delight, their menu has been beefed up (no pun intended) significantly. In addition to the
usual fast food fare, there is now an assortment of pies and quiche (!) and also some Chinese food.
I had the claypot sweet and sour chicken “with long beans and carrots and served with a spicy
sauce” and an ice blended mocha.

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the long beans in the stew.

I like to eat spicy food, and my tolerance is reasonably high, but I still found the sauce
plenty hot. The chicken has a high proportion of breast meat though, which I rather dislike. I much
prefer bits of thigh and drumsticks. The ice blended mocha was pretty good though, very thick. Very
nice decor and it even has a balcony at the second floor for al fresco dining. The service has been
improved as well, heaps of Sugarbun people around and there is even someone to hold the door open
for you. =D

The view from the second floor al fresco area.

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