Dynasty Restaurant

I spent the afternoon making buttermilk pancakes with my girlfriend. It was those instant
pancakes in a container that you just add water to. They are pretty fun to make and tasted good
too. Anyway, I’m suffering from a bout of INDIGESTION today due to eating my KFC lunch too quickly.
I have already expelled the watery feces in the late afternoon and I’ve needed to vacate my bowels
two times since then. I had an…uh, accident too. You know how it’s hard to distinguish
between the need to fart and liquid feces pressure on your sphincter when you’re having a
stomachache? Yeah, that’s what happened. Luckily, I didn’t get any on my briefs, I managed to wipe
myself down in the toilet in time. =D

From left: Lawrence, Auntie, Louisa, me.

I went out for dinner with my girlfriend and her mom tonight at the Dynasty Restaurant in town.
Lawrence (my girlfriend’s brother) joined us halfway through. I’m heading back to Melbourne
tomorrow afternoon. Sigh…it’s always depressing to go back. I’m gonna miss my girlfriend.

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