Poring Hot Springs


Man, this picture sure brings back memories. This was taken by Daniel
[mailto:] during his Kota Kinabalu trip. He sent me some beautiful pics
of Sabah yesterday. I went there at the end of last year too and also
went to Poring Hot Springs (the one in the picture). It’s this place
that has hot tubs with sulfur water and also some (icy) cold natural
pools. I had fun on the water slide in the cold pool when I went there
last year too. Hmm…come to think of it, my own KK trip was exactly
one year ago and yet it seems like that happened ages ago. I
guess my time perspective is a bit skewed by the fact that I resent
being in Melbourne when everyone else is going to celebrate Chinese New
Year back home soon. How I wish the final 5 months of my stay in
Melbourne will pass quickly so I can be back home again. It’s strange
how I prefer it back home now when I used to prefer it overseas last
time. The home is where the heart is, I’ve been told. Hmm…something
to think about.

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