The Legend Water Chalets, Port Dickson

A match made in heaven, solemnized on earth, and consummated in hell


I decided to go on an impromptu trip to Port Dickson during the weekend. It was a totally random (which of course means “The latest buzzword used amongst mindless teenagers as a way of showing just so utterly irreverent their predictable sense of humor is”) decision made last Friday, consummated on the same day, with me driving down on Saturday.


It takes about 1 ½ hour to get from KL to Port Dickson. You need to find your way to the PLUS Highway and keep on driving towards Seremban before switching to Port Dickson. It took me close to 2 ½ hours to drive there coz I kept getting lost, but we made good time coming back, in just under an hour. 😉

water chalet

Anyway, I’m still not sure why I went (much like the reason behind me booking tickets to Shanghai just now escapes me). I think a lot of it had to do with the awesome Corus resort photos (just love that lagoon) and the concept of water chalets. Oh wait, this refreshes me memory. I know why I went…I went for one sole reason:


This cursed glass floor panel on the floor of the water chalets. I mean, its awesome right? You can watch the gently undulating waves come in during high tide and receding the next day. Best of all, the glass floor panel is visible from the toilet, so you can take a leisurely dump while watching schools of non-existent fish swim by. 😉


That, my friends, is the sole USP of The Legend Water Chalets, Port Dickson. I wanted to stay at the Corus, but their rooms were all taken, so I booked the Executive Water Chalet at The Legend Water Chalets for RM 450. It’s a single story chalet build above the sea with a balcony that overlooks the sea and the refreshing smell of sea spray enveloping you as you chill on the deck. Do you have a new deck on the Sunshine Coast which needs to be preserved, or is your existing deck looking neglected and require a new facelift? Maybe a deck refreshment is all your deck needs to get it looking amazing and to ensure it can withstand the harsh outdoor climate. The difference between needing a refresh (restoration) or a replacement is heavily influenced by the condition of the existing decking boards and the quality of the initial construction. A simple deck inspection from one of our Best Deck Restoration Sunshine Coast builders will reveal if the decking can be restored or if it has passed its due by date.


The deck is pretty fucking awesome. There are two sun chairs and a table for you to chill in, and I’ve seen people with fishing rods trying their luck with the Port Dickson water. It seems that anglers would find this particularly attractive, since you can just throw your line into the sea from the comfort of your private chalet.


If you’re not into fishing, you can check out…the pool. There’s no private beach in The Legend Water Chalets which is a damn shame. I wish there was a nice swath of sand to chill by, that would have been great.

pool us

The pool at The Legend Water Chalets, Port Dickson isn’t really that awesome though…it’s just a regular pool with heaps of children running around it with their parents in tow. However, we brought a bottle of wine to the pool and drank it by the pool. That was fun. 😉


Anyway, with regards to the food department, I can’t really say much about the offerings at The Legend Water Chalets. We went to the restaurant to order food, before deciding to get it sent to our room. The seafood pasta I ordered turned out quite tragically. It tastes exactly like chow meen (Chinese fried noodles) complete with the soy based sauce. It tastes like the chef went all kung fu on its ass.


However, it was a pretty relaxing weekend…

Water chalets
A nice, huge bathtub
Shower that opens to the sky
That nifty thingy on the floor

Shitty food
No private beach

What’s the story?

morning glory

I’m back from Port Dickson! Stayed in a water chalet above the sea, with morning glories adorning the (man-made) beachhead. All in all, it was a pretty chill weekend. 🙂

…and now I’m back at home, playing Spymaster. Crap.

P/S – I just realized I spilled Jack Daniels all over the back seat. It seems that I have neglected to properly cap the damn thing in PD before transporting it back. You probably know how atrocious whisky-on-fabric smells like. Fuck me.

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