Interested in joining Project Petaling Street?

Calling BETA testers!!!

This is an open call for BETA testers for Project Petaling Street [] version 1.5.

Project Petaling Street (PPS) is a blog-tal that seeks to aggregate
Malaysian content into a single space. Learn more about PPS by visiting
the About PPS Wiki
[]. Currently, PPS aggregates content from a limited number of
Malaysian bloggers; we started with the core team submitting their
content and that is what you see on PPS today.

This will change very soon. In line with the vision and objectives
of PPS, it will begin accepting content from across the Malaysian
blogosphere. The development team has been working hard to make this
happen since the launch on 12 June 2003, and now we are ready to test
the system. For the test to proceed, we will need a team of 20-30 BETA
testers who will be willing to devote some time and effort into making
it happen. All BETA testers will receive public credit for their
contribution when the next version is launched sometime in mid-July.

We are looking for a cross-section of Malaysian bloggers (or
non-Malaysians living in Malaysia are also invited to apply) to make up
this team. When you email us your application to be a BETA tester,
please include the following information:

Full name (real name please, no pseudonyms)

Email address

Your blog name

Your blog URL



Location (you can be a Malaysian living overseas, no problems)

What type of blogging tool you use? e.g. Movabletype, Blogger, LiveJournal

In a word or two, who would you describe the majority of the content
of your blog e.g. current/affairs news, personal journal, technology

Approximately how long have you been blogging i.e. we want a cross
section of new and long-time bloggers – the new version has some
technical aspects that we want to make sure everyone of all levels of
blogging experience and technical capability will be able to use

All appllications should be written to
The closing date for applications is 26 June 2003. Successful
applicants will be informed 28 June 2003. BETA testing will commence 30
June 2003 and last for 7-14 days, depending on how long it takes to
iron out all the bugs.

Thank you in advance for your applications and support for Project
Petaling Street. We expect a large number of submissions for this test.
Please understand that we won’t be able to accomodate everyone for this
round of testing and we sincerely apologize for any possible
disappointment that may result from an unsuccessful application.

For further information related to PPS, join the Kota Raya egroup (

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