Rantau Panjang, haircuts and Lan Lan





Rantau Panjang. A place 30 minutes from Sibu with a river, a row of
long houses beside the river, driftwood accumulating on the river bank
and erm…and that’s basically it. What is there to see there? Nothing
basically, but there is a wooden bridge leading to a hut where there
are seats and I hear watching the sun set over there is pretty good. I
went there this evening with a couple of friends to just chill out and
talk for a while.


Anyway, I got my haircut tonight at Alan’s Hair Salon (the branch at
Pulau Babi) and it’s a pretty good place actually. They even have a
courtesy cup of tea for you (complete with a top to avoid hair falling
in, no less) and a haircut only comes to RM 10 so that’s pretty good
value for money. After the haircut, we had a late supper at the Sibu
Jaya food court (I didn’t even know there was one there) and then went
to the Sibu airport for a while to use the toilet. The next itinerary
was the hospital where we saw a couple of guys in very bad shape
(visible cuts with congealed blood and all) being stretchered out by an
overworked warden who had to push a guy in a wheelchair with one hand
and pull a guy on a stretcher with another. I also saw a lot of people
setting out rattan mattresses and sleeping on the floors of the
hospital. State funded hospitals are depressing. I had a very bizarre
day though, what a range of places we went to.

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