Zhang Ziyi is hot

Just watched Rush Hour 2 (minor spoilers) when I was supposed to be working on my
assignment. I did watch the first one but it didn’t really make an impression on me. This one was
great though, it has lots of hot chicks. πŸ™‚ Notice the Heaven on Earth scene and the opening of Red
Dragon Casino. Mmm… Zhang Ziyi doesn’t get a lot of screen time though, and she gets pretty weak
lines. Jackie Chan is great in this movie, I like the guy. He’s natural as opposed to people like
Jet Li who just tries to look cool. Chris Tucker is entertaining as usual with his borderline
racist (but in a funny way) trash talking. The fight scenes are awesome, great choreography
especially the one in Heaven on Earth.

Highlight of the movie: The part where Jackie walks right into Zhang Ziyi after escaping from
the security guards in the casino backroom.

Lowlight of the movie: That lame ass “Oops…I stepped on a garden rake” death scene.

Picture taken from the official site.

The official site also has a Palm game available for download.
Its only 29kb but apparently it does not support color devices. It gave me an error (Failed to
initialize graphics hardware — this device isn’t supported. Sorry!) on my m505 so unless you
have a monochrome Palm, don’t bother installing it.

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