Senso club @ Hilton Kuching

senso hilton

senso is one of the latest hang out places in town – it’s located in Hilton Hotel in Kuching. It’s supposed to be a club…there is a resident DJ, but it feels more like a chill out place to me.

senso entrance

The interior of senso is done tastefully, with sophisticated seating arrangements and carefully placed decors and lighting to create a warm ambience.

senso seating

The place is spacious, with precise attention on the different seating areas which range from bar stools to large, comfortable couches. There are personal flat screen TV’s and larger screens positioned sporadically.

senso bar seating

The best seats in the place are behind the privacy shroud of the open bar (open as in open space, not as in free flow drinks). There is a long semi-circular area with tiny pillows as a back rest and tables planted every few feet.

senso dj

There is a resident DJ playing chill out music on a lime green podium which matches the lime green seats and orange hued glowing tables at the back.

senso bar

The bar area of senso is shrouded with a bead curtain that shimmers in the light, creating an impression of a water feature behind the bar. The service is attentive and the staff polite, which is expected of a joint of this nature.

senso tour

Download: senso video tour []

You will require DivX [] to view the video.

senso group

It was Ee Fen’s last day in Kuching, so we went to senso for a couple of drinks. I went there with Cherie and Ericka and met up with a couple of Ee Fen’s friends there. Ee Fen is doing Pharmacy in IMU which is a Good Thing (TM). πŸ˜‰

senso cocktails

Senso has a wide variety of cocktails and snacks on their menu.

senso dirty martini

I had a Dirty Martini (RM 18) which is made with Bombay Sapphire, Extra Dry Vermouth, Olive Juice and Green Olives. Olives is teh pwn3d…

senso toilet

Senso has really nice toilets, and the toilet has…

senso tv

…a flat screen TV.


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