Sidekick Cranberry Flavor Schnapps

Disclaimer: This post and all other drug related posts is made by veritas, who is a guest author on this blog. The owner of this domain is not responsible for the posts made by any guest authors.

The weekend has landed! Ouch! My left nostril is burning like hell.
I’m going to seriously reconsider snorting the 5 mg dexamphetamine
tablets. Those fillers and binders must be doing some damage to my
nose. Anyway, I’ve just been chilling out today, taking a couple of
clonazepam (Klonopin) and diazepam (Valium) tablets and having a couple
of beers and some of this sweet and nicely packaged schnapps.


It’s called Sidekick Cranberry Flavor Schnapps and it comes in a 4
pack which costs A$3.29. Pretty good price, and the design looks so
nifty I just had to get a pack of those. They have other flavors as
well, but the cranberry one sounds the best to me. Anyway, each of the
Sidekick schnapps looks like a shot glass with an extra long bottom.
It’s 30 ml and 20% Alc/Vol which makes it 0.5 standard drinks each. It
tastes really good.


I finished all of them in a couple of minutes. They just tasted too
good…had a couple of beers with my buddies and smoked a couple of bowls
of weed and popped a couple of benzos, which leads to the dex. Doing
all the downers made me a bit sleepy, so I wanted to perk myself up. My
poor left nostril, it’s still burning. Seriously, I’ll think very hard
before I insufflate so much binder and filler into my nose again. Ouch…

Oh, and drugs are bad mmmkay…even prescription drugs. πŸ˜‰

I think I’m pissed but I just don’t know it yet coz I’m on CNS stimulants and CNS depressants at the same time. I feel…weird. =D

Ooh…I’m eligable to get 100 0.5 mg dexamphetamine tablets again in
7 days. For my ‘narcolepsy’ you see. That terrible, terrible
affliction…my ‘excessive daytime sleepiness’ is affecting my studies.

P/S – No offence intended to genuine sufferers of narcolepsy. I apologize if I tend to come across as proudly drawing attention to my exploits
[]. I don’t agree with Dave’s idealistic views on
prescription medications (there will always be doctor shoppers and
scripters and medical professionals are trained to pick them out, and
that’s still not going into what constitutes someone who’s truly in
need) but I agree with what he said about me. πŸ™‚ I do get
overenthusiastic at times and writing gives me pleasure. I applaud his
moral stance regarding prescription drugs but unfortunately, I don’t
share the same view. What do you think? Do I subconsciously glorify
drug culture and use?

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