I took this shot just now from an outcropping of less than one foot
(I do not like heights). The cleaners were over and they opened up the
sealed door that leads to the ledge and a drop down from the 16th
floor. Very disturbing for someone with acrophobia. πŸ˜‰


Anyway, I noticed the open door when I was re-heating last night’s
dinner in the microwave in the kitchen (rec room? it also has a
recently installed foosball table inside). Why am I eating yesterday’s
leftovers? It’s coz my financial outlook [] isn’t all that bright. πŸ˜‰

Well, just a word of warning – is not ready for launch
yet, that would be tomorrow night. There may be missing links and the
CSS if lifted right off and there isn’t much content yet,
so it’s not ready for viewing. Also, if you can’t resolve the site, the
DNS propogation hasn’t reached you yet, so try again tomorrow.

I’ve started hosting my photos there since yesterday so images are
being pulled from Thus, if you can’t see the pictures,
well, that’s the reason – DNS propogation issues. I have to host images
there since it’s only the 11th of September and I’ve already used 4.5
GB of my 5 GB bandwidth allocation. I’ll have to resort to eating stale
bread for lunch and dinner if I have to pay for bandwith again. :p

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