Data center migration – and other sister sites down (oh, and I’m in KL now)

My apologies about the downtime that and all the
sister sites experienced over a period of 24 hours – the server farm
I’m on migrated to another data center (which would mean faster speeds).

tnb kl sibu

It’s not exactly the best of times for to go down as
my weekend has been crazy…I took a flight back to Sibu Thursday
evening on a whim (long Easter weekend) and I was booked to fly back to
Kuching early Monday morning.

tnb kl air asia

However, the office called me over the weekend to inform me that our
biggest client in KL needs asistance so I had to cut short my holiday
and come back to Kuching at 12:45 pm. I woke up at 4 am today and went
to the airport to catch a flight to KL (only Air Asia flies at unholy
hours like these) to catch a flight to KL.

tnb kl klia

I just arrived in KL and I’m going to get some breakfast before
meeting with the clients – I will post all the backposts in
chronological order soon. I’m going to write on the plane since it’s
Air Asia (no newspapers) and the flight takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. My
apologies about the 24 hour downtime across all the sites.

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