I’m either going to fall asleep or get so stimulated I’ll crank out some code in an hour

Thanks to Adrian, I was spared from having to manually upload each
and every one of the Movable Type files. =D That task is really nothing
to sniff at, I did it once when I first moved to Movable Type. It takes
a long, long time, especially when you need to recreate all the
directories and manually mput, taking care to type ASCII when it’s
supposed to be ASCII and binary when it’s supposed to be binary. Nasty,
nasty stuff. Good thing he lives off-campus so he’s not restricted by
the uni proxy. Easy one click transfers using Cute FTP, which isn’t
really all that cute. I prefer WS_FTP over that any day. Oh well, at
least I got the job done in much less time than if I were to upload
manually. πŸ™‚

Well, I’m going to change my name servers now. I was surprised by the prompt service of ICDSoft [icdsoft.com], my new host. My previous one was Host Nexus
[hostnexus.com], which is a really great hosting service, however I
could not afford their new prices, thus the switch. It wasn’t all that
complicated moving from one host to another. Just a domain push to my
new host and a Western Union money order and everything was sorted
within hours. I only bought and posted the money order today. They
didn’t even wait for my money order to arrive, they had already set up
my stuff after I showed them a scanned copy of the money order. Truly
amazing service from ICDSoft, and their email support is really prompt
too! I’ve heard lots of good things about ICDSoft and I’m going to
enjoy my stay here, especially with the 333 MB of space and the 5 gigs
of transfer a month. =D I’m contemplating having 7 days worth of
entries instead of 14 days on the front page though. I’m currently
averaging way over 2 gigs of transfer a month. Hmm…we’ll see.

Eh, anyway I’m going to try and mess around with PHP a bit tonight and code something to automatically parse my old blog
[monash.edu.au] into a format that can be imported into Movable Type.
Why PHP? Well, I just finished my Industrial Experience which was
mainly done using PHP and it’s the scripting language that’s still very
fresh in my brain. I’ll work something out. I can’t have my old blog
hosted permanently at Monash University’s SNG box anyway, I’m
graduating in June. Yes, I’m babbling again and I can’t even understand
half of the things I’m saying myself.

An all text entry. Whee!

It’s a bit sad leaving Host Nexus though. Strange. πŸ™‚

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