SKL strawberry cigarettes

skl cigarettes

I was at Point One and noticed a new range of cigarettes from Switzerland. It’s called SKL and comes with various flavors with two premium flagship brands.

skl strawberry

I got the SKL Strawberry which is described on the pack as “strawberry cigarettes tastefully blended with pipe tobacco”.

skl cigarettes black

The cool factor in the cigarette lies in the presentation – the
entire cigarette is black. It’s really neat, for a lack of a better
adjective at this hour of the night.

skl strawberry premium

SKL Strawberry smokes really well too, at least in
my not-so-humble-opinion. Cherie and Joanne said it tastes like
incense. I like it, but your milage may vary. I’m going to try the
others in the SKL range.

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