Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #4 – Candy Warhol

I ate another one today since it’s so hot. It’s 6:30 pm now and it’s
still 33 degrees Celsius. πŸ™ My room is even hotter than that because
of all the heat that was trapped inside previously. Anyway, this one is
called Candy Warhol and is a play on Andy Warhol
[], the artist who was perhaps most known for his
drawing of a Campbell soup can. I say this one is the best ice cream in
“The Sixties Nine” line to date! The shell is simply amazing. It’s got
sherbet or something like that and it fizzes in your mouth! It’s not
that mild fizzing either, it’s the loud kind that makes 3D sounds you
can hear inside your head! Whoa…what a head trip. πŸ™‚ The ice cream
tastes very different too…I was wondering what flavor it was until I
read the back. It’s musk! It tastes like the Lifesaver musk candy. πŸ™‚

This is the cover:


Repeated cans of Campbell soup with Candy Warhol on them.

This is the back:


Critics describe this piece as ‘brillo’. The chocolate literally
explodes colour into your mouth whilst the musk ice cream is quite
simply stunning. This is not soup – this is ice cream.

This is the Magnum:


White chocolate shell with bits and pieces of colorful sherbet (I
think) and musk ice cream inside! Very different and interesting taste.

This is the stick:


Simply Explosive.

It’s too hot!!! To think that it’s gonna hit 35 degrees tomorrow…

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