Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #6 – Guava Lamp

I had my first GSC2714 Alcohol and Drug Use lecture today.
Interesting stuff, going into epidemiology today. What’s that got to do
with Guava Lamp? Er…nothing, except the fact that lava lamps
[] are usually bought by stoners. This Magnum is shaped
like a lava lamp blob, a strange asymmetrical ice cream. There are
sections of guava ice cream mixed into vanilla ice cream, and the guava
ice cream chunks were great!

This is the cover:


Green lava lamp blobs and the words “Guava lamp”.

This is the back:


Switch on the ultimate mood enhancer – chillin’ guava blobbing in
vanilla ice cream and embraced in groovy white chocolate. Yeah baby,
now we’re in the mood!

This is the Magnum:


The shell is white chocolate colored green. There are large bits of
guava ice cream together with vanilla ice cream inside. It’s not all
it’s cracked up to be. Haha! Nah, I just wanted to say that coz I
dropped the Magnum so it’s a bit cracked. It’s good, it’s good.

This is the stick:


Bet You’d Lava-nother One.

Nice, on a hot autumn’s day. Yeah, it’s supposed to be autumn now but there are still hot days.

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